Annual Dodgeball Tournament!

Saturday, DECEMBER 5, 2015
Edward L. Gaylord Downtown YMCA


The Common is only made possible by generous individuals and businesses that care about the international refugee community of Oklahoma City.  By participating in the Dodgeball Tournament, you’re making sure we can continue to love our international neighbors by offering tangible support and meaningful relationships for another year!

This tournament offers two fun ways to win!  

1. Winning team of double elimination rounds wins a prize.
2. Winning team for the Ugly Sweater Contest wins a prize. 
    *Teams must wear sweaters during every round of their play to be judged.

Be A Team Captain

1. Sign up below to register a team.  Just add your name and/or your team name on your form.
2. Recruit 6-8 friends, family members or co-workers to join your team. 
     **Team members must be 12 years old to play and have a signed release from a parent or guardian if under 18 years of age.
3. Ask each participant to register and pay online, choosing you as their team captain.  If you’re paying for your entire team to play, email to make payment arrangements and complete your team roster.
4. Follow up with your team, sharing any communication, updates or announcements from The Common.
5. Arrive at the event at 9:15a.m. for a Team Captain meeting.
6. Feel awesome about supporting a great community!

Be A Team Member

1. Simply register and pay below. Choose the Team Captain that recruited you in the drop-down menu.
2. Your Team Captain will be in touch about any specifics you’ll need to know.  In the mean time, the time, date and location are listed above. 
3. If you’d like to play but don’t know a Team Captain, just tell us that on your registration form and we’ll be in touch to match you with a great team!

Thanks for supporting The Common!  We’re excited to see you all on December 5th!

Please register by November 30

Have questions? Call the office at 405-312-6705 or email

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