Programs of The Common

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Adult EducatioN:

The Common offers multiple English as a Second Language (ESL) classes for adults of all ages, languages, or educational backgrounds. These classes are designed to equip people with everyday English skills and vocabulary, promote conversation and contact with native English speakers, and empower adults, parents, and community leaders through language.

Our adult tutoring program seeks to match adult language learners with volunteers of The Common. We provide content and support for volunteers. Tutoring often takes place in the students home and matching is based on need and availability. English or language tutoring experience is welcomed, but not required.

The Common provides citizenship classes 1-2 times per year based upon needs and availability. Citizenship classes are led by a team of trained volunteers. Classes are designed to familiarize students with the content of the U.S. Citizenship Exam, covering U.S. history, the constitution, and civics.

Community & Student Support:

The Common provides Student Support after school for educational homework help, reading, and language acquisition for school aged children. Student Support seeks to reinforce and integrate what kids have learned in the classroom when they return to their homes where the primary language spoken is often not English. Student Support serves as a liaison between the public school and parents, who have questions navigating the education system. This program is led by Spero staff and supported by volunteers and interns.

The Student Support Program continues into the summer months. The program consists of learning activities, games, and physical activities. This program seeks to promote retention of language, reading, and math while students are not in school. Summer Program is led by Spero staff and supported by volunteers and interns.

Community Support is The Common's program that provides assistance for families and individuals navigating various social, governmental, and legal systems. Community support often looks like assisting families with appointments, understanding paperwork, and brokering interactions between the international community and their new home. Community support is led by Spero staff and supported by The Common Network.

Community support workshops are put on by Spero staff and community partners based on needs that arise in the refugee community. Community support workshops seek to educate the refugee community on various aspects of U.S. customs, culture, and law. Workshop topics may include car seat safety and law, school attendance and policy, etc.